How To Free Yourself From Lower Back Pain




Is lower back pain stopping you from playing golf as much as you would like? Does it hurt to stand up straight for any length of time? When was the last time you played a full round of golf without pain?

Lower back pain will cause your life to come to a dead stop. It prevents you from living an active life and enjoying family and friends. Millions of players over the age of 40 suffer from debilitating lower back pain.


Your lower back is the pivot point for moving your entire body. As you age you put pressure on the lower back creating stress and misalignments. If these conditions aren’t treated you could develop serious lower back pain that may lead to expensive and extensive surgery preventing you from playing the game you love.

What can be done? There is no shortage of hyped up products offering to solve your lower back pain. Everything from magic chairs, cheap back braces, oversized balls, and expensive doctors. It’s no wonder that most people are truly confused about what works and what doesn’t.


Because so many golfers need a real solution to lower back pain a group of research doctors and pro golfers from Miami, FL have been working to find a proven solution. The criteria include providing fast pain relief, long lasting results, easy to apply yourself without any help, and most of all it could not interfere with playing golf. After investing millions of dollars they created a breakthrough lower back wrap that provides real results. The new back wraps have been patented and trademarked as “G5 Back Wraps” and provide fast results.

What makes this such a game changer for so many golfers is the patented G5 Back Wraps provide titanium support for your back therefore taking the pressure from the lower back. Plus, a side benefit is that it will help align your body for the perfect swing.


G5 Back Wraps were invented with the help of CADD technology to help reduce lower back pain.

  • Relieve lower back pain
  • Provide relief to your entire lower body
  • Drive the ball further
  • Have better posture thoughout your day
  • Be pain free to enjoy your life

There is no shortage of cheap imitators on the market today. A number of larger companies have been producing cheap knockoffs of the G5 Back Wrap and claiming they are just as good or better while skimping on quality. Some of the companies have even tried to sue us and steal our pattens for themselves and run smear ad campaigns.

G5 Back Wraps have stood the test of time. When Golf Quarterly tested us against every other back warp not only did we win hands down, but they also noticed an increase in distance when hitting the ball while wearing the G5 Back Wraps. In just 1 year G5 Back Wraps have become the hottest selling product online.


If you want to get rid of your lower back pain once and for all you need to get the G5 Back Wraps today.

After you order today you will receive your G5 Back Wraps in a matter of days via FedEx and you will be ready to start golfing again that very same day.


If you’re a golfer suffering from lower back pain, go ahead and order today and get back into the game you love.