“A Psychic Found Me My Soulmate”



Elizabeth from Gloucester writes:

I had split-up from Dave, yet another partner, yet another disappointment.

In the end he was just too boring for me, we just didn’t quite “fit” together. I wanted my Soulmate – and Dave wasn’t him.

Psychic Help

It seemed a crazy idea at first… my sister suggested I consult a psychic… and not just any psychic  – who you’d find in a magazine,

newspaper, or on Brighton Pier – but a specialist love-psychic. Someone who hopefully could cut through all the shadows and mystery in my life.

A psychic who could really help me.

It took me nearly 2 weeks of searching online… looking at all the reviews, comments, good stories, not-so-good stories… I contacted people on social media who had spent their own money on advice and card readings
(some replied, some didn’t).

It was only after a lot of effort that I finally found Valentina.


Now here’s the thing; Valentina did not come with a “crystal ball” in a room surrounded by dark curtains and incense. No “smoke and mirrors” here, whew!

Instead she helps mainly those who are referred to her by existing clients; and actually specialises in distance
love-readings by email.

Her biography explains that Valentina psychically tunes into the “spiritual connection” generated by her clients
(in fact she insists this way of connecting is “purer” than a physical presence, that would have more background distractions…)

 Free Consultation

So I went to valentinatarot.com and tried the consultation reading that comes free of charge – a kind of “nothing to lose, try before you buy” offer to prove her worth. And within 2 minutes I had given the few details she needed and waited… with much anticipation!

The first reply I got didn’t so much surprise as shock me to the core!

“How the heck could she know all that!” was my first thought… and it wasn’t so much how she captured my past history and current feelings but.. it was the questions she raised that really peaked my curiosity
(yes, I am very curious, lol). And of course there was the most tantalizing piece of the puzzle dangling right there, before my very eyes: “Where will I find a REAL love”? I knew then that Valentina was the real deal
and just went for it!

One “Venus Reading” later and 2 months down the line I met with Stephen, sexy, intelligent, modest but exciting and very very funny! And more to the point, just as Valentina predicted! “lovestruck” is the word and…
for the first time 
in my life … I had actually found my Soulmate!

Could it happen to you? I’d say absolutely “yes!” So if you’re still trying to figure like I was… “where happiness could possible be” or maybe you’re wondering if your current guy may be cheating on you… whether he really loves you… or trying to figure if you should get back with that Ex..?

Well this lady might save you a lot of heartache too… and put you on the way to an undreamed of happiness!

All my love,

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PS. I mailed Valentina and she is still, at the moment, offering an initial free consultation