Thank you for your trust

VERY Important!

There is just ONE small thing you need to do ūüôā

1)  Within the next few minutes you should receive in your
EMAIL INBOX¬†a “Confirmation email”
from Valentina…

The email message title will read:

“Please confirm your request for a love-tarot reading”

2) OPEN this email and click the blue link inside that says

(you may need to ‚Äėenable links‚Äô in your email
provider to do this).

3) Please check your Spam/Trash folder just in case
the important email above has not reached
your Inbox.

If you used a google gmail address please
check your “Promotions” folder and first
move the email to your Inbox before
opening it and clicking the link inside.

After you have done this – your gratis Email love-consultation
should be prepared and delivered to you
in around 24 hours.

Love, and light x







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