Your Gift


As promised, I decided to keep for you a very special gift.

Today, as you enter my circle of friendship, you must have all
the trumps in your hand for Love to come into and stay
in your life.

The Secret with which I am to entrust you with will form
a Protecting Shield to repel negative forces that can spoil
your chances of a happy relationship.

I am particularly happy to reveal today “The Absolute
Protection Mantra”.

It will be your first line of defence against any form of
opposition blocking your happiness and it will draw to you
my powerful psychic protection vibe.

You can perform this protective action when you want to,
preferably in the evening.

At night-time, stay alone in a quiet room and light
a white candle.

Clear your mind and… after being silent for a minute,
recite aloud 7 times this magical Mantra:




Then, stay in silence for a few more moments, breathing slowly…

…and blow out the candle.

Very soon, a bright halo of protection will surround your aura
and remove any form of negativity.

Trust my sincere desire to help.

I renew my sincere friendship.

valentina sig



– Valentina
Tarot Visionary & Empath