Hearbeat Ceremony


Please read the details below
very carefully


As requested,
will commence within 24 hours your total  “Heartbeat Astral Transformation Ceremony.”

This includes:-

1) A special “Heartbeat Reading” (delivered to your email address)

2) The “Great Luck Ceremony of Fortune”

3) The “Grand Wiccan Love-Magic Ritual”

4) Your “Shield of Isis” Protection Spell

The transaction on your card will show “Capital Publishing”
Your card statement will show 197.00 GBP (or your currency equivalent
in Dollars or Euros).


For maximum effectiveness of Valentina´s full  Heartbeat Astral Transformation Ceremony
– please try to ensure you do the following, each day, for the next 31 days.
(Valentina is now starting to prepare for you your “Heartbeat” Reading and perform the 3 other most powerful
actions for you).

To ensure you get the most positiveness from my grand  “Heartbeat Astral Transformation”
on your behalf; I recommend you take 20-30 minutes out of your day to relax and to meditate.
Simply doing this will both clear your mind and strengthen the energy flows between us.

If you can follow my own technique as closely as possible you will receive an amazing amount of benefit
from this total “Heartbeat Astral Transformation”  .

When I first start to meditate I choose the position in which I prefer to sit this time.

Sometimes I just lay down in my bed. Other times I sit in a comfortable chair or a recliner.

Other times I simply sit crossed legged or lotus style. As long as you can breathe easily
and your body is not under physical strain, the position you choose is really up to you.

Next would be to relax.

Start with your face then the rest of your head go to your neck and shoulders then arms and torso
pelvis and legs and then your feet. Do your best to relax particulaly your back and become
as comfortable as possible. (This is why it might be better to lie in bed or sit in a recliner)

The next step is to control your breathing.

Try breathing in a rhythm. Inhale with a 4 count, exhale with a 2 count and repeat.

If this doesn’t work for you, just vary your rhythm until it feels right.

Everything in meditation should be personal preference.

You should keep this rhythm while being relaxed for about 3-6 minutes – until it becomes
natural or you think you should move on. Remember, there is no need to rush the steps
of meditation – you are doing this to relax and open your mind, so relax…

Now just 1 more step is required. You need to clear-out your mind and allow the positive affirmations
and energy waves to reach you. Clearing the mind can be a difficult task at first, with a little
practice however you will find it quiet easy to do.

This is the method I need you to use to clear your mind:

The Blackout method:

Close your eyes and completely focus on the darkness in front of you.
Imagine it is surrounding you and in such you are becoming more and more relaxed by the second.
Stare at the black for a prolonged period. (If you notice light green or other colors after a while,
ignore these because they are just neuron images and have no meaning. The same happens when you
apply pressure to your eyes while they are closed it’s just your brain reacting.)

You need to both see and imagine a vision of complete black and expel
all thoughts from your mind. You must allow yourself to be overwhelmed
by a feeling of deep tranquility. Now you must stay in this state for
20 or more minutes. You will know when the session is over because
you will suddenly feel an overwheming urge to open your eyes and
to get up!

Keep up this ritual for all of 31 days.
During this time you may feel a friendly, other-worldly, presence.
This would be quite normal and would be at a time when the negative
vibrations are slowly losing their hold, driven out by the positive
energy now attracted towards you.

Your Great Luck and Money Reading and Secret Numbers Instructions

Dearest ,

** This is your urgent reading for YOU only **

You are about to enter into your next Astral Transit Period,
2 cards were drawn for you in your Luck and Fortune reading;
they were “The Sun” and the “Wheel of Fortune”.

The Wheel of Fortune does seem to suggest money doesn’t it?
It’s round like a coin, it invokes a roulette table, the word “fortune”
itself conjures up visions of piles of money, and of course one thinks
of whirling Lotto balls, or even Bingo balls.

Notice these are games of chance: that’s the predominant meaning of
The Wheel of Fortune. One imagines the Three Fates busy spinning out
our destinies on their spinning wheels. However, the Wheel can signify
a turn of fate or apparent chance in area of life depending on the
question asked and the position of the card in a spread.

Sometimes the turn of destiny is based upon previous decisions
we have made, and often we can chance an “outcome” card by altering
the dynamics of what the cards show us, especially if there is an
“advice” card, but it’s the card which is the most likely
to resist our will: perhaps a life lesson the Tarot is telling us we
probably can’t avoid learning. It’s almost literally a ‘turn’ of events
in some way and the end or beginning of a new revolution or cycle.
Again, there is that suggestion of “round” in the words.

I do feel you have ideas and that you may even be a bit hesitant at times
about what your doing, but you should always follow your heart and do
what you know best. If you could re ask this question in a way that
is not so general I will be happy to try and answer it,
if not, you can cancel and I understand. But do not be afraid to
try things you may be wary of.

IT IS important for you to know. As soon as I drew the SUN
…I started to notice a distinct vibration at every turn of the cards.
I continued to keep my thoughts concentrated on your main concerns;
love and money.

These unusual vibrations indicate we are getting close to a significant
step forward. You are just about there. You merely want a little PUSH.
I am right here to lead you to the next stage in your life, savoring
the enrichment of your soul. I KNOW it will happen!

Have you been trying to win the lottery? Are you expecting a check for an
inheritance or settlement? The cards clearly hinted that a sum of money
was in your near future. You must reach out to me or one of my highly
skilled assistants, AT ONCE, so that we may bring the picture of what
will occur into sharp focus.

A considerable amount of money has been set aside for you. It might even
reach you in just a few days. I see a sizable deposit into your account
from an unanticipated source.

First – a warning!

I do feel you should be very wary of a man that is looking to enter
your life, either now or in the near future. I do not feel he is a bad man,
but as I read the cards, they tell me he should absolutely NOT
be in your life!

So I have to tell you what I pick up here; it is not that he is
a bad person as such… it´s not that you can’t totally trust him,
but when it comes to promises or things he says he can do for you or
will do for you etc. I would be very wary of this. As I said before,
always follow your heart and observe and really notice how he acts
and what he says and does. Do this and you *will* be able to
figure it out…

What numbers are best for fortune, for YOU?

The cycle you are about to enter into very strongly suggests that you
will enjoy a period of 2-3 months of financial good fortune and luck.

Your lucky numbers are; the year of your birth and the numbers 2, 13 and 20.
You may decide to use these numbers in any lotteries, bingo and

games of chance.

Your Spirit Money Receiver
(look at this image, right now, for at least 30 seconds
to activate its power)

Spirit money receiver

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