Some Important Points to Note About Tarot Readings

you are interested in a reading, it is important that you have a correct understanding of how the cards work and what the correct approach to a Tarot reading is. So please note the following points which will help you to engage with a reading in the right way:

Firstly – please understand that the future is not fixed, it is a matrix of different possibilities and potential outcomes. The Tarot (as with all Oracles) simply predicts what is the most likely outcome to a matter given the present set of governing factors – so it is rather like a weather forecast. The outcome it predicts is not “set in stone”. A Tarot reading should never be approached with a fatalistic attitude – the Tarot is a tool which helps us to manage our life and affairs more skilfully, it is not a window onto a predetermined future. If the answer to a question is “negative” or not what we would wish to have happen, we can change the outcome by making changes to the present governing factors (usually, the behaviour patterns or mindset of the key players involved).

Secondly – the Tarot “says it as it is” and gives a “warts and all” picture (which can, at times, be an uncomfortable experience, because it does not pander to our illusions about ourselves or to our sensitivities). Also (because the Tarot sees all levels and all dimensions to a matter – which we never can) it can sometimes give information that doesn’t appear to make immediate sense, or which doesn’t seem to be a “fit” with the question – very often, however, this information falls into place, or suddenly makes sense, a little later on as events unfold (sometimes resulting in an “Ah!” moment at a future date). tarot readings, tarot readings for love, tarot card reading, psychic reading, love tarot, free Clairvoyance, astrology, free tarot reading

With these points held in mind, you can now productively engage with a Tarot reading to bring positive benefit to your Life…