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Dearest , your reading, It has been both a pleasure and a privilege to be allowed to see into your past, present and future. What an interesting spiritual journey this was! , ‘seeing you’ has been a very ‘connecting’ experience for someone of my Empathic gifts and sensitivity… and the urge to help you further in these very delicate times is overwhelming! I sense that you yourself will begin to feel such a connection too. So, onto your reading;

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Cards 1 and 6 labelled ‘You’ and ‘Them’ each give a summary of where you are in the relationship right now or on the path to that relationship, Cards 2 and 3 show you thoughts and emotions while cards 7 and 8 summarize thier thoughts and emotions with respect to the relationship. Cards 4 and 5 can be very revealing as they show dynamics between you, the positive aspects and the challenges that cross this relationships. From these cards we can see what to emphasize and what needs work

A card that summarizes where you find yourself at this time with reagrd to this relationship. NINE OF SWORDS – You may be feeling anxious about an ongoing situation; this is what you may call ‘a dark night of the soul’. Rest assured that no matter how bad things seem, this is a growth period and you will look back and realise that you have learned from the whole experience and gained much wisdom. Because of your feelings of vulnerability, you may choose to cut yourself off from friends and acquaintances as you deal with your feelings of sorrow and disappointment. Isolation may be the only way that you feel that you can deal with recent events.

Your thoughts about the situation and what has led to present circumstances. NINE OF CUPS – A lovely card to find in your spread. Joy, fulfillment, mental and physical wellbeing are all coming to you now. Relationships bring love and happiness, new levels of harmony and intimacy are possible and you are positively radiant! The difficulties of the eight of cups have been overcome and it is time to enjoy life and embrace all that now awaits you. All things work to your advantage, success is found in all your ventures and your rewards are abundant at this time.

What you are really feeling about the relationship. You may be aware of your feelings or this card may reveal hidden feelings. THE EMPEROR – The Emperor stands for worldly success. When he turns up in your spread it shows that you have control of the situation and you are in charge. Like a benign father the Emperor likes to control, but in a loving caring way. In a love reading the Emperor can indicate a very significant man in your life. We’ve gone beyond first romance and this person is a part of your everyday life, perhaps someone you will marry and build a family together. This is someone who can be a little dominant at times but also gives you love, support and security. It can show that you are attracted to strong, dynamic individuals who have made a success in the material world. In a business reading, you’re flying high. You’re a success, you’ve made it. Don’t be egotistical and sit on your laurels though. Business Emperors have to work very hard to keep their empire together. In a career reading the help and assistance of your boss will be invaluable in furthering your career. You may even be promoted to a position of greater authority yourself – use this authority wisely.

Opportunities – aspects that will help the relationship. This card can indicate what to highlight and focus on to help a favorable outcome. SEVEN OF PENTACLES – Things may not feel settled in your private life right now but you need to remember that everything changes, nothing remains the same, and change is necessary for spiritual growth. Try to look on things in a positive way, have faith no matter how uncertain or confused you may be and things will level out soon.

The challenges that stop the relationship coming to fruition or resolving in the way you would like. TWO OF WANDS – You may feel warmed by a friendship. This may stimulate you to make changes to your own life and see things from a different perspective. The friend in question could be a dynamic and charismatic figure who has exciting and different ways of viewing life. This could be the catalyst for you to make very positive changes in your own life. This friendship may not lead to a romance but it is sure to be heart warming and productive

Where the other person finds themselves at present with respect to the relationship. KING OF WANDS – A lively, friendly and charismatic man with vibrant energy, he is ambitious open and confident. If this King represents an admirer he will not hold back in letting you know his intentions. However, this can also represent a man who is not available, an affair or a one night stand. This man can be quite an imposing figure; he is usually in charge, has responsibility, makes decisions for others and will toil endlessly for a cause that he considers worthy of his time and talent. There may occasionally be times however when this man becomes set in his ways and it will be necessary to challenge his decisions, no man is always right, not even the King of Wands!

Their thoughts about the relationship. QUEEN OF CUPS – The Love Queen. A deeply emotional lady. Loving, caring, and very much in touch with her spiritual side. She may have an appreciation of art, poetry and things of natural beauty. She can however be fragile at times, over sensitive and prone to deep sadness. She is the sweet kind gracious grandmother, the devoted selfless wife or sister, or the young girl who believes her true love will one day ride in on a white charger and take her away from all this! She is honest, respectable, reliable, devoted and virtuous. She will instinctively sense the moods of others and seek to calm troubled waters. She seeks relationships where she is cherished and appreciated at all times and she will weep easily at the first sign of confrontation.

Their emotions, both the ones that they are aware of and ones under the surface. PAGE OF SWORDS REVERSED – Rumours are not necessarily based in fact and speculation gives you an uneasy feeling as you may be struggling to decipher fact from fiction. Someone may be trying to trick you, lying by omission, or attempting to manipulate the situation to their advantage. You may feel defenseless and weak as you were not prepared for the behavior of others.

The future, what to expect – the likely outcome in the timescale specified. Specify this when shuffling and picking the cards. THE DEVIL – Like Death, the Devil at first appears to be a scary character – but look again, he’s really more of a caricature than anything else. When the Devil turns up it may be time to face our inner fears, the ones that come from our past / childhood, confront them and then break free from them. Fears are only so scary when they’re buried inside of us. Once we can face our fears then we can see that our own personal Devil is not so scary after all – and that’s when we can break free from him and move forwards in our lives. False Evidence Appearing Real In a love reading the Devil can indicate an obsessive relationship or even a co-dependant one.

Take a look at your relationship. Do you really LOVE this person or are you simply dependant on them and looking to them to take care of your needs and offer you security – remember another person can’t do that for you; its something you need to do for yourself. This card can also show temptation, as in the temptation for another person, to have an affair on the part of one or both of the parties. What negativity is already present in your relationship that this temptation has presented itself? It might be time to break free of the current relationship or to say a firm no to the temptation. On a lighter note the Devil can have positive connotations in a love relationship. This card can indicate an extremely passionate sexual attraction between the parties (he isn’t nicknamed the X-rated-lover for nothing) and, surrounded by positive cards this can show the manifestation of an emotional love on the physical plane.

In a career/business spread, perhaps you are being very negative about your future prospects. You might even be depressed or at the start of a psychological illness due to stress and worry. Maybe you need to take a step back and see the situation more clearly. You need to make sure that you are being ethical in your business dealings, particularly with money, and not be tempted by get rich quick schemes or unethical practices. Equally you need to be wary of others around you behaving in this manner. There is a positive side to the Devil as he shows material success. So long as money and success don’t become the ONLY things that matter in your working life, then the Devil can be a help and not a hindrance. He indicates success in financial matters. Finally, sometimes we can’t always take life seriously – on occasion it’s appropriate to be-a-bit-of-a-Devil

Valentina’s Personal Psychic Reading

Firstly, I see that you will soon be starting a fresh chapter in your emotional life, quite possibly marking the beginning of a relationship or a new stage in an existing one, and I feel that both love and friendships will soon have a strong emotional quality that will be blessed with good luck and fortune.

I feel that you are on the threshold of a very creative phase, you will start to feel inspired to develop your inner talents and have the self belief to convert your dreams into reality but you need to pay close attention to how you go about manifesting your vision. I also believe that some good news in on the way and it will be of special interest and significance to you. A fresh start will be occurring in the home very shortly, perhaps within the next few months, this could be an actual new home, or introducing a new aspect to an existing one. This change will bring about a great sense of satisfaction and as the saying goes ‘ a change is as good as a rest’, this will be true for you as it will inspire you to bring about changes in other aspects of your life which will prove to be very positive indeed.

The cycle you are about to enter into very strongly suggests that you will enjoy a period of 2-3 months of financial good fortune and luck. Your lucky numbers are; the year of your birth and the numbers 2 and 4. You may decide to use these numbers in any lotteries and games of chance.

I definitely see a happy home and good relationships with others here, and a sense that everything in your life will start working out for the best, and on the emotional front, you can expect some very positive outcomes.

I also feel very strongly that you are a very intuitive person yourself, and you should start to pay more attention to your inner gut feeling and sense of knowing. I’m getting that sometimes you just ‘know’ something isn’t right before others and are a very good judge of character because of that. I know we all make mistakes at times, but I feel your natural instincts about certain people or situations are usually spot on. Go with your intuition more when making important decisions, as I feel this will benefit you greatly.

I also get a sense that you have a desire to learn more about what lies deep inside you and whether you realize it yet or not, you are in a gestation process and much growth is occurring. The main thing I see in your reading is success and the overcoming of pain or some kind of sorrow, either from now, or of the past. There is a feeling of cutting free from something now, be it a person, situation or something you no longer need to hold onto anymore and a definite break from the past, abandoning past ties for you no longer need to hold onto things that hold you back anymore, you are to let go, close the book at the end of the chapter so to speak,and move on. It is time to move forward into a new phase of life.

You will soon hear of something which will come as a surprise to you, and it will be quite interesting to see how it turns out. I see that you are a very good person, with good intentions but you must also be aware that sometimes your kindness can lead you to be taken for granted at times, however you already know this to be true. You need to work on saying no, when you have enough on your plate already and start to take time to do things that you like and enjoy as you will reap the rewards.

Your own thoughts will influence how things turn out as thoughts can be bright or grey, and if you feel positive on the inside, your world on the outside will begin to mimic this positivity and bring about many positive changes. Working on your inner strengths and doing the things that you enjoy are extremely important now. Do not take a backseat and put off today what you can do tomorrow as you may miss out on some really fun and interesting times. I feel the expression ‘your ship has come in’ to be very evident here, indicating that all your hard work is about to pay off.

Secrets… , we are all of us surrounded by secrets, to one degree or the other. You however, are affected by this more than most. I can see someone very close to you, a friend, in particular a female friend who is not all she seems. This “friend” listens to you, pretends to sympathise, makes herself likeable to you even… BUT she bares false witness to you. Behind your back she talks about you, messages online and by text saying bad things about you. She is a false friend.

You need to be on your guard, and rid this negativity from your life. You may need psychic help to do this or you may not. Either way, I beg you to be alert for this person, in fact, chances are you already have had a “sixth sense” feeling before about this person…

There is also a man, either on the outskirts of your life – or who is about to become known to you. His name begins with a letter “D” and he will present himself as a friend. Be careful of commitments he will make to you; a “wolf in sheeps clothing” will never make good on his obligations or promises – and charm from you money you cannot afford to lose. Only if you can avoid the pìtfalls, can another, “genuine man” that you either already know (or are soon to meet) be the light in your life to you.

, you need to be strong, if you are, life can be so very very good for you. Fortunately there are ways I can further help you on this and I promise to email you with some suggestions in a day or so.

Indeed, fate is ready to take a strong hand in your life and redirect the path your life is currently on, suggesting that all that has been locked away, will now become unlocked and knowledge about a certain situation will soon be revealed. I do not feel that getting back with an ex would be a good idea as there is a new man out there for you, but of course this desicion is completely yours. I sense that you will meet this new man when you least expect it and almost by chance, such as deciding to go out last minute or going to a party you wern’t really in to but ending up meeting Mr Right (that kind of thing).

I have to laugh here because I see you being quite surprised at meeting him. So much so, that it may be a time when you are genuinely not looking…

Readings are generally based over 12 months, however I feel quite strongly that you will get together with him, or at least first meet him much sooner.

Now is also going to be a great time for you to work on your own self worth a lot more, get your confidence back and start to feel your best. Try to have fun even if you are not really in the mood as doing anything in this regard will have a positive influence and be particularly beneficial.

I wish you all the very best for the future, it looks like there’s going to be some very interesting times to be had. So as you can see you are right now positioned at a pivotal, possibly crucial, crossroads in your life’s choices and directions.

The amount of thoughts, feelings – the ‘intensity’ that emanates from your situation is extremely uncommon to me. I really *feel* this…

You absolutely have the potential for great promise coupled with a hitherto unknown happiness and sense of harmony. The fates simply need what you might call a ‘lucky nudge’ to tip the balance in your favour.

, Of course if there is anything I can do or suggest to help ensure this I am totally at your service.

Sending to you my very best wishes and fullest support.

Your devoted friend.

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– Valentina, Tarot Visionary & Empath


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