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Dearest , your reading…

Thank you for requesting your full Venus Love Reading.

Welcome again!

I am Valentina, and will watch over you and forsee the situations upon you and those that may come upon you. For information on the process used for your reading; my working approach is to tune into the energies around you … using the Tarot cards and astrology and psychic-born gifts bestowed upon me from my mother, grandmother and great grandmopther.

You can trust that the symbols will accurately reflect the deepest truth of any matter, as well as pointing to the details of guidance most needed at this important time for you.

The guidance may or may not outline what you would most hope to hear, but I trust it will provide whatever the universe wishes you to know, in order to progress in the best way on your current path.

Over the years, I have found that the cards and planets – and the spiritual energies that I believe communicate through the process of using them – can be quite insistent about what is to be conveyed, so I have learnt not to argue with them!

I believe it is important to take notice of all that goes on during a reading, without necessarily trying to understand every detail myself, leaving the final connections and decision making to you. Because I believe in the value of honesty, if something is not clear to me, I will also tell you. So that you can know something of the psychic process that reading for you involves, I will add that information can be given to me in various forms, including visual imagery, specific sounds or words, or even through fragrances and feelings.

Sometimes I just have a powerful sense of things, which I will then seek to put into words in the best way possible. Please bear in mind that this is a subtle and sensitive process; whilst I may put direct questions to whatever forces are trying to answer your questions through me, I do not always receive straight answers!

Sometimes it is difficult to describe the details I am given with intricate accuracy, or to elaborate on them at length, but I always to my best to convey truthfully what is given to me. I also trust that, ultimately, you will know which parts of the reading make the best sense, in the context of your experience and wisdom; if there are things that you cannot relate to straight away, maybe they will make more sense at a future time.

It is also my firm belief that, whilst we can only have small glimpses of the future, we all have choices about how to proceed forward in life and I think that it makes complete sense to allow time, wherever possible and to think carefully before deciding on the right path…

…I therefore would like to congratulate you on seeking this assistance now, as I am confident that the reading will provide useful information and help you in working out the best path forward.

For clarity, I should add that I do not promise to provide definitive answers, partly because I do not believe in a cast-in-stone vision of the future; my experience tells me that we each have a part to play in the outcomes in our lives. It is my intention that the reading below will help you to see where you can affect changes and where you might do best to accept that you cannot easily affect changes, as well as imparting any added wisdom that might help you towards a better future.

Finally, it is my dearest hope that the content provided will go some way to assisting you with any decisions you are facing and I trust that whatever force guides the reading, it will provide the appropriate balance of reassurance and awareness of the need for any changes. However, I do not necessarily expect a reading such as this to be able to answer to the entirety of a person’s situation.

Therefore, I would also add that these readings are for entertainment purposes and not intended to take the place of professional advice, particularly in any key areas of life such as relationships, business, money, health, etc.

, with all that said, let us now look at the strongest thoughts and visions that came to me during your reading.

I began by symbolically bringing light to the reading through lighting a candle or activating a coloured light, to help illuminate the path and ask for healing.

These are answers that I most strongly feel are important to you: Is there such a thing as you one true Soulmate?

Many people enquire to me about their soulmate. It is a term that has become used a lot to enquire about somehow who may seem best suited to a particular partner.

It maybe encapsulates the idea that there is someone out there who was meant for us. This may or may not be true, but I have to say that I think it is based on a romantic ideal that the majority of people buy into – not least because the media and all of our stories in society keep referring to it!

But, in spiritual terminology, the idea of a soul mate often someone whom we knew in a past life (the theory presupposes we believe in them) and with whom have unfinished business with – good or bad. Personally, I do believe in past lives and suspect that we may be part of soul families and have various connections with a number of people. But none of this can be really proven for certain.

I shall ask the cards for some insight on this area for you. The cards seem to indicate several possibilities. The first is whilst travelling. The imagery of a wheel is central here and it might be a ships wheel, or it could be the wheel of a vehicle…

…there is the sense of something in motion, anyway and the idea that you find your soul mate as a result of some kind of momentum, rather than say standing still waiting for them to suddenly appear.

Associated with this is a second idea of making a decided change in your life – perhaps taking a step forward that you have been nervous to take so far. This could set the wheel in motion, as it were, helping you to realise this destiny of finding your soulmate.

You may wish to know if this is someone you already know or not… …What I can say is that there may well be a group of women around you at the time. The story of the cards so far makes me think about girls on holiday together, that sort of scenario. Or being at a party that you’ve had to travel quite a way to. Perhaps it’s a reunion. But whether to do with old company or new, the themes seem to be quite social here and to focus on courage and going forward.

How an Ex in your life may be of significance…

The card themes seem to be pointing forward (unless a reunion with girlfriends might put you back in touch with a certain “Ex” – in which case it might be worth exploring what changes are possible, since relationships involving regrouping with someone often do require some level of change, in order for future growth to flourish).

I get the impression that you were waiting for some sort of result in an earlier relationship, but maybe never got to say what was really on your mind. Perhaps you did not feel safe or confident enough to ask for what you truly wanted.

If, in the back of your mind there are lingering thoughts in respect of an Ex, ask yourself, has anything moved on in his life? Is he still available, so to speak? Is it worth pursuing this kind of avenue and putting at risk the life you already have?

Finally, I have a picture here of someone being adventurous, courageous and exciting to be around. A rather charismatic fellow. I wonder if this is a person you have in mind – perhaps how you hope a man will be
in the future..? And so to a very special person to you in your life right now:- Does he *really* love you..?

If this person doesn’t give too much away about his feelings. It may be that you are (unconsciously) drawn to someone like that, who is a little bit enigmatic, or even quite distant at times.

As it can be the case that others don’t always show their feelings easily, I think it may be of help to you to work out what signs of love you need from a partner – and to communicate to them what these might be. For example, if you need to hear the phrase “I love you” then perhaps this is up for discussion. On the other hand, if practical gestures communicate love to you, there may be some requests you can make, to let him know how you want to be shown love.

I know that we can sometimes want love to occur in the most romantic of ways, but this can also involve a lot of guesswork and hoping that someone can know our needs and desires without us communicating them very clearly. It might seem slightly clumsy making a clear request for something and yet, if it delivers what you want or need, maybe it’s not so bad after all!

It is probably also better to be able to ask in a clear and positive way for something than, say, to be hinting and not getting the response you hope for. Or having a bit of a dig at your boyfriend because he’s not picking up signals or not automatically being obviously loving. Remember: he just may not know what it is you are hoping for!

Finally, I have asked the cards for some further insight. It’s quite fascinating, as several of the cards that have come up before in your reading have repeated here – and I do shuffle them pretty well each time and select each card separately (blind), through intuitive touch and sight.

I have a picture of a happy face here, linked with the energy of the Sun. It seems to be talking about radiating happiness. Perhaps this is something that you do, as a matter of course. There is some sort of message here about things being ‘on hold’, or your deciding to put them on hold. Perhaps you feel a little bit in limbo. I firmly believe that the human psyche is powerful enough to make quiet choices to protect us, each and every day. So if this is the situation you are in, then at some level maybe you have chosen it – in preparation for when you feel more about to make a firm decision or commitment, or take a new step forward.

I have raised this issue before… Secrets… , we are all of us surrounded by secrets, to one degree or the other. You however, are affected by this more than most.

I can see someone very close to you, a friend, in particular a female friend who is not all she seems. This “friend” listens to you, pretends to sympathise, makes herself likeable to you even… BUT she bares false witness to you. Behind your back she talks about you, messages online and by text saying bad things about you. She is a false friend.


I feel the reading is at its natural end now – and trust that you will have found it to be helpful. I find that aspects of the reading given today will have made immediate sense to the person receiving it; this can also sometimes mean that the inner wisdom of the situation becomes crystal clear.

However, I would also ask you to allow a little time to cogitate over anything that doesn’t immediately resonate; sometimes I think we have to consider whether, for example, we are open to hearing the message, or to see if more time is needed for the message to become more obvious.

I wish you all the very best for the future, it looks like there’s going to be some very interesting times to be had. So as you can see you are right now positioned at a pivotal, possibly crucial, crossroads in your life’s choices and directions.

The amount of thoughts, feelings – the ‘intensity’ that eminates from your situation is extremely uncommon to me. I really *feel* this…

You absolutely have the potential for great promise coupled with a hitherto unknown happiness and sense of harmony. The fates simply need what you might call a ‘lucky nudge’ to tip the balance in your favour.

, Of course if there is anything I can do or suggest to help ensure this I am totally at your service.

Sending to you my very best wishes and fullest support.

Your devoted friend.


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– Valentina, Tarot Visionary & Empath


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