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Dearest ,

What an interesting spiritual journey this was!, ‘seeing you’ has been a very ‘connecting’ experience for someone of my Empathic gifts and sensitivity… and the urge to help you further in these very delicate times is overwhelming! I sense that you yourself will begin to feel such a connection too. So, onto your reading;

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Cards 1 and 6 labelled ‘You’ and ‘Them’ each give a summary of where you are in the relationship right now or on the path to that relationship,

Cards 2 and 3 show you thoughts and emotions while cards 7 and 8 summarize thier thoughts and emotions with respect to the relationship.

Cards 4 and 5 can be very revealing as they show dynamics between you, the positive aspects and the challenges that cross this relationships. From these cards we can see what to emphasize and what needs work


A card that summarizes where you find yourself at this time with reagrd to this relationship.

THREE OF WANDS – Keep your eyes open and your ear to the ground. This card denotes opportunities and optimism. It is possible that future endeavors are linked to your past. You may find yourself with many offers from known contacts, so be open to all possibilities, even those that do not seem likely. This can be the beginning of a new and exciting venture and after the meeting in the two of wands, this is the next stage, the project in now underway and you can relax now in the knowledge that the foundation is in place.


Your thoughts about the situation and what has led to present circumstances.

SEVEN OF CUPS – Uncertainty comes with this time of change.

Nothing feels certain as the sand shifts beneath your feet. You may be daydreaming, finding yourself half in reality and half in fantasy; you may be chasing unrealistic goals or get rich quick schemes.

It seems that everything is changing around you. Others may look at you and think you are having fun, your life appears busy, even hectic but its not so much fun on the inside and you need more concrete plans to make these dreams and illusions turn into reality. Surrounding cards may give clues as to which direction to take in order to make things manifest.


What you are really feeling about the relationship. You may be aware of your feelings or this card may reveal hidden feelings.

FIVE OF CUPS – A loss, but the kind of loss that you will look back on and know that it happened for a reason.

You may be hurt or feel betrayed but this is a growth period for you and a lesson will have been learned from recent events.

The important thing here is to focus on what remains, three cups are spilled but two remain, will you knock them over or look to see what can be saved? Your fears of abandonment may prevent you from looking ahead and you may feel trapped in what is happening now, you may be angry, resentful, sad or depressed. You may have regrets but the key to your future happiness is to learn from your mistakes and move ahead with your new found wisdom.


Opportunities – aspects that will help the relationship. This card can indicate what to highlight and focus on to help a favorable outcome.

THE EMPEROR – The Emperor stands for worldly success. When he turns up in your spread it shows that you have control of the situation and you are in charge.

Like a benign father the Emperor likes to control, but in a loving caring way.
In a love reading the Emperor can indicate a very significant man in your life. We’ve gone beyond first romance and this person is a part of your everyday life, perhaps someone you will marry and build a family together. This is someone who can be a little dominant at times but also gives you love, support and security. It can show that you are attracted to strong, dynamic individuals who have made a success in the material world.

In a business reading, you’re flying high. You’re a success, you’ve made it. Don’t be egotistical and sit on your laurels though. Business Emperors have to work very hard to keep their empire together. In a career reading the help and assistance of your boss will be invaluable in furthering your career. You may even be promoted to a position of greater authority yourself – use this authority wisely.


The challenges that stop the relationship coming to fruition or resolving in the way you would like.

FIVE OF SWORDS – It is time to accept that everyone and everything has its limitations. You could be involved in a power struggle with both sides believing that their way is correct. It may be that a third-party could intervene at this point in an effort to find some middle ground, but that it is only if both parties are honest and willing to accept a compromise. If you are dealing with a liar then your only course of action could be to give up and walk away. This may leave you feeling that all has been lost.


Where the other person finds themselves at present with respect to the relationship.

THE MAGICIAN – The Magician represents the manifestation of an idea from the realms of imagination and dreams into the real world. He is the actual beginning of new relationships and projects and bodes well for the future.

He tells you that you have all the skills and abilities you need to make this work. Will you use your skills wisely? Only the surrounding cards can tell you this. In a love reading this shows the positive beginning of a new relationship. The partners are compatible – it’s all down to them to make it work in the longer term.

In a work/career reading a new project is set into motion which could be very productive indeed. You’re standing on very favourable ground. You could be an expert in your field or starting up a new business in which you have great ability. Just remember that this an opportunity, not a done deal!

The surrounding cards can advise/predict where this is heading; remember it’s all down to you though. You CAN make this work because you have the abilities / skills – but can you take this to the next level and follow through? This card particularly relates to communications and technology.


Their thoughts about the relationship.

PAGE OF WANDS – Youth, innocence, fun, short trips and invitations are all indicated with this Page. Your outlook is positive, you are attracting attention and if you are single you won’t be short of a date! This is an excellent time to be out and about, having fun, getting noticed and broadening your horizons. Relax, enjoy, and have fun!

Do not be surprised if you meet interesting new people where you least expected to, get nice unexpected surprises, and feel light-hearted and optimistic about your life, work and future options.

This is sure to be a satisfactory, surprising and wonderful time!


Their emotions, both the ones that they are aware of and ones under the surface.

THREE OF SWORDS – It could be that you are involved in a stressful situation, the inconsistencies of another may confuse you, and this could perhaps be an on-off relationship or a passionate obsessive affair that fails to develop into anything long-standing or secure.

Someone may have hurt your feelings, a love may be lost and you may have shed many tears but this is part of life’s path and heartbreak can inspire much spiritual growth and deep penetrating insights. Keep walking do not look back.


The future, what to expect – the likely outcome in the timescale specified. Specify this when shuffling and picking the cards.

PAGE OF PENTACLES REVERSED – You may have lost money, been informed of some bad news or suffered a misfortune. Poor choices are also indicated here. Worry brought about by financial issues. Somehow, you have been rejected, this could be to do with a lawsuit that you lost or a deal that went wrong. Either way it has cost you.

The cycle you are about to enter into very strongly suggests that you will enjoy a period of 2-3 months of financial good fortune and luck. Your lucky numbers are; the year of your birth and the numbers 2 and 4. You may decide to use these numbers in any lotteries and games of chance.

I can see there is a tempation for you to dial back to the past and rekindle a romance with an ex. I can totally understand this,please don’t be in a hurry to do this. There are times when the past should be well and truly left in the past and this is certainly one of those times, however, the love that I do see coming your way is not a brand new connection. There is no suggestion at all that this is an ex so you can be assured there, in fact, there is no clear indication as to whether this guy was ever romantically connected to you at all, but what I can’t get away from is the fact that this seems to be a familiar face that will grab your attention at some point quite soon and a few things will start to click into place.

I somehow feel that you’ve been the object of this man’s desire for some time but for one reason or another, he has not come forward and made this known………yet!

One reason that seems apparent is that he is shy, but also that he may consider you to be out of his league, or simply not interested in him. Naturally, either or both is slightly sad situation as it leaves questions unanswered, but this is coming to a light very soon when I feel there is a situation that will allow the two of you to talk and make a greater connection and understanding of each other. There is a great deal of enlightenment to come and much of it seems imminent, and this is where a lot of answers to a lot of questions will start to appear and all in a way that I feel will be favourable to you.

, as already stated, there is nothing to say that this guy and yourself ever had a romance but there is lot suggesting that you’ll already know each other in some way and that whatever the circumstances were before, there was something that simply wasn’t meant to be, possibly that one or both of you were in relationships already.

There now appears to be a door that remained locked in the past but this time you able to approach it again, knowing that this time you have the key to get through it. I do see a soul mate connection that is waiting to be established in the coming months, and this is something that will be quite apparent from the start, as though something has simply put the two of you in each others’ lives at the right time for the right reason and all is there to be believed and embraced.

In answer to your questions, yes, you will find love and again and this will be the real deal, in some ways, we could even say that you’ve had the rehersals but the real thing is yet to come.

As for what you should do, I would advise very little besides keeping an open mind and open eyes for this encounter as I feel it will be something very obvious once the time comes. It is quite interesting that you’ve chosen to have a reading at this time as it’s come about just as you’re on the edge of finding exactly that of which you’ve been in search. It appears to be all happening for you and all very soon.

So as you can see you are right now positioned at a pivotal, possibly crucial, crossroads in your life’s choices and directions. The amount of thoughts, feelings – the ‘intensity’ that eminates from your situation is extremely uncommon to me. I really *feel* this…

   Secrets… , we are all of us surrounded by secrets, to one degree or the other. You however, are affected by this more than most. I can see someone very close to you, a friend, in particular a female friend who is not all she seems. This “friend” listens to you, pretends to sympathise, makes herself likeable to you even… BUT
she bares false witness to you. Behind your back she talks about you, messages online and by text saying bad things about you. She is a false friend.

You need to be on your guard, and rid this negativity from your life. You may need psychic help to do this or you may not. Either way, I beg you to be alert for this
person, in fact, chances are you already have had a “sixth sense” feeling before about this person…

There is also a man, either on the outskirts of your life – or who is about to become known to you.
His name begins with a letter “D” and he will present himself as a friend. Be careful of commitments he will make to you; a “wolf in sheeps clothing” will never
make good on his obligations or promises – and charm from you money you cannot afford to lose. Only if you can avoid the pìtfalls, can another, “genuine man”
that you either already know (or are soon to meet) be the light in your life to you.

, you absolutely have the potential for great promise coupled with a hitherto unknown happiness and sense of harmony. The fates simply need what you might call a ‘lucky nudge’ to tip the balance in your favour. Of course if there is anything I can do or suggest to help ensure this I am totally at your service.

Sending to you my very best wishes and fullest support.
Your devoted friend.

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– Valentina,
Tarot Visionary & Empath