IMPORTANT: You *Need* to Protect Yourself…

 Never has it been more URGENT for you ,

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… and the very best time to start is NOW!

What you may not realise is that most people face “harmful psychic forces”, directed against them,
virtually every single day.

And the more sensitive or “psychically tuned” person you are – the more likely you will
to be a victim!

Have you ever felt through your life that you get more than your fair share of upsets and
unlucky breaks? You feel there is always that “something” stopping you enjoying the love
and abundance that would make your life be as great as it could be?

Let’s face it. You have never starved, never been homeless and out on the streets, having to
live rough or anything like that. , I know these terrible outcomes have never
happened to you (yet).

But you´ve never been really comfortable and content, never RICH…

…never blissfully happy and knowing that this happiness will last forever.

It is as if there is some sort of invisible force in the way of everything being great for you.
This, , is why I am writing to you today.

You need the right kind of help, done for you – and you need it now.

Do you recognise any of these symptoms?

* Have you ever had the same type of bad dream, more than once – and being
left with the uncomfortable feeling there is more to it than meets the eye?

* Do you somtimes sense a “presence” around you that you feel is not
a friend to you?

* Does your love-life ever feel like it has been “cursed” – with no known cure?

* Have you played the lottery and won a little, now and again, but feel
your chances for a really big win are “blocked” by a force you cannot fight?

* Do you ever feel “down”, like a drudge, sluggish… like you would love to
just burst out of your shell and… fly!?

, I know how you are feeling right now because I sense it.
As a Psychic Empath we are tuned into each other…

…and I would like to help you:

# BANISH bad spirits and “leeches into your aura” that may have invaded
your dreams and lose you sleep and/or infected your sleep aura.

# REPEL harmful invaders and energies (possibly a Spectre sent by a love
-rival or a jealous person you know) and KEEP them away. * this itself
usually gives a dramatic lift in energy levels and mood *

# REMOVE evil curses that harm your real love-chances and act as
a “psychic repellant” to finding and keeping your one true Soulmate.

# REVERSE the flow of harmful energies that create an aura of unluckyness
within you and… * actually reverse the flow of negative energy back to
the entity that is sending it to you *

# PROTECT you from psychic and occult harm of any kind. No matter how
powerful the source or the Spellcaster.

It is guaranteed that NO psychic harm of any nature will ever again affect you
(think about this as some sort of Norton or McAfee anti-virus for your computer
– but psychically working for you with 100 times the power).

This is the kind of help and service I give to wealthy celebrities
and business people all the time. And for the success it brings them
I charge accordingly.

With you, , I feel a real and deeper connection; and want to give the help
you so desperately need in a way that is easy for you (and my work for high-
profile clients allows me to do this).

I can immediately help you by casting a “Shield of Isis” banishing and
protection Spell, followed by the creation of an extremely high power
“psychic protection bubble” that is renewed and strengthened for you every
single calendar month. The positive effect of all this, even in your
day-to-day life should be very very noticable to yourself and to others.

, I have so far helped in this way a select few very high earning
people from around the globe (mostly in the UK, USA and some of the
“new rich” in Russia). I know you would match the usual rates for this
work if you could (over $5,000 for a 12 months service) – and it would be
worth every cent and more…

…I know however you cannot reach to this yourself, no-matter how beneficial
you sense it would be. So for you,  , I am offering a very special
arrangement, where you would receive and benefit from the very same
psychic help that I have given to others.

For a donation of 49.97 I shall conduct the very same banishing and protection actions
for you. Then for just your “protection shield” shall be automatically renewed
each month for the duration of one whole year. You will then enjoy the security of
psychic protection which shall keep all harmful psychic phenomina
away from you. Period. 

Then, , you will see how great life can be!

Click Here to get me working on this for you in less than 24 hours.

And don’t worry, it IS ok to suddenly feel good about yourself again…
to attract love, happiness and happy smiles off all around you.
You deserve this chance – and I most sincerely look-forward
to helping you.

Your devoted friend,

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PS. Please do not leave yourself unprotected for a moment longer
I know you need urgent action now.


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