Your Psychic Protection


Please read the details below
very carefully


As requested,
will commence within 24 hours your “Shield of Psychic Protection and Good”

Your psychic protection shall be renewed at the start of each month,
and will protect you psychically for one whole year.

The transaction on your card will show “Capital Publishing”
Your card statement will show 29.00 GBP (or your currency equivalent
in Dollars or Euros).

This 100% protects you from psychic-based attacks for

a full 12 months.

As an extra to this, Valentina has included information that will prove
most useful to you. Please read this carefully and use any of the recommended
precautions as you wish.

Also Valentina has included (at the bottom of this page) 2 proven psychic chants, and recommends
you state these out loud at the beginning of each day.

Now Valentina is interveining on you behalf, this is all you need.
you are now protected. Blessings to you

The Extra information for you is here:-

Psychic Defenses

All psychic defenses are based in building your own self-esteem,
personal power and confidence. Some contain more physical acts,
but ultimately it is your will empowering those acts.

To purify a space and prevent unwanted, harmful energy from
entering, burn purifying herbs. Frankincense and myrrh are
a favorite of both witches and the Catholic Church.

Native Americans use sage, cedar and sweetgrass. Southern American
cultures burn copal. You can also use lavender or cinnamon.
These substances naturally clear a space. Salt absorbs harmful
energy. Iron grounds the same energy. Horseshoes were pointed down
and hung over doors for this purpose. Iron nails are placed in
house frames for the same reason. Potions and oils made of these
substances are worn for protection.

Magickal symbols of protection can be worn or drawn. Pentacles,
crosses, the Star of David and the Eye of Horus are strong
protection symbols, and you can usually find jewelry made with
these symbols. Wear this jewelry with the intent of protection.
A banishing pentagram, a star drawn starting in the lower left
corner, dissolves harmful thought forms and removes unwanted
spirits. Repeat it as many times as necessary.

During meditation, start by visualizing a shield of clear crystal
around your entire body, about three feet away.

Say Outloud:

“This protection shield protects me from all harm and reflects
love back on the source of the harm.”

Never send energy back to do harm; it will again return
to trouble you.

Even if one attacks you first, you are not justified to curse back.
By sending love, you neutralize the harm. Wishing good things
on your enemies can be the key to defeating them.
They will be so happy with what they have that they stop
bothering you. Bless your harm away, and more blessings will
return to you. Similar protection shield visualizations can
be used around your home, car, loved ones and pets.

Sometimes binding spells are necessary. Write the name of the
person meaning you harm on a piece of paper. Put it in a bottle,
bound with black thread. Fill the bottle with sea salt,
protection herbs, iron filings and things like John the Conqueror
root. Seal the bottle and ask that this person harm you
no longer. As long as you do not open it, the binding will last.
You can put the bottle in your freezer or bury it in the backyard.

As you claim your power and grow in your magickal abilities,
you will move in harmony with the universe and attract less
attention from such darker entities. Others wishing you harm
will effortlessly roll off you because you know your place
in the cosmic dance of life. Nothing can make you skip a beat
of your dance.

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