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Dearest , 

Your HEARTBEAT READING, It has been both a pleasure and a privilege to be allowed to see
into your past, present and future.

You should also have been sent to the page where I advise on the small actions *you* can take
to get the most from your “Heartbeat Astral Transformation” – which I am commencing now.

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I am really sensing something different about you , that your situation
is not as the many who I have advised in the past.

This is not the first time you have consulted the Tarot, or a psychic,
and I feel a remaining uncertaity about what will make you truly happy
and for that happiness, when it arrives – to last.

Because, , your case is so unlike that of others, I am writing
to you as the thoughts and visions are entering my mind. Right now there
is a “tingling sensation” around my head. The truth is arriving, jerkily,
in spurts – but is is the truth. All my senses tell me this!

The heart of your situation is your remaining uncertainty. It is eating
away at you, gnawing at you, undermining your confidence in your
very self. Although you feel it is a relationship issue that is the cause
of such uncertainty; it is not so simple as that! You really do, ,
need to learn to love *yourself*… more than that, you need to realise
you are in fact as GOOD as anybody else! Just because you are not the
wealthiest person on the planet, or have the physical beauty of a “Miss
World” does not mean that the *soul* of such people is any better than yours. In fact
In fact, the case is quite the opposite…

There *is* a love-interest for you, and you wonder under what circumstances
you and that person will blow away the uncertainty that has always
shrouded that person to you. For this to happen your mind really must be
“open” and receptive. So you must throw away old thoughts, prejudices,
things you think you have “learnt” – work more with an open mind…
and you´ll be surprised by how much better you will feel!

I also dealt some cards, and these told me more insights into
your situation, but from a different angle.

The Lovers

Yes, the Lovers! What a wonderful way to carry on the reading!
The Lovers indicates that you want to live a full and authentic life.
You want to stay true to your values and your morals, and you want
to be able to love yourself fully and be good to yourself.

, You seek a deeper connection not only with yourself but also
the Universe around you – people, nature, animals, the general
‘energy’ or buzz around you. You feel there is much to be gained
by understanding others with deep compassion and empathy and you
will have much to learn from these experiences. I also feel that
you desire a deep and meaningful relationship with someone.
You feel like it is your time to find a life partner, a soul mate,
and you are opening yourself up to that possibility.

Page of Cups Reversed

The Page of Cups (reversed) suggests that you need to decline any
current invitations or offers and focus on something new.
Given the previous reading, I see this as a sign that you would
be better off letting go of that guy from a more distant past
who is unavailable to you.

There is a bettere, newer future available to you with someone
more recent.

This really reflects an emotional connection or invitation for
a relationship that you know would not be good for you in the
long term. If you do truly seek a committed and loving relationship,
then it needs to be with someone who is willing and able to give you
the same.

Ace of Wands

The final card I drew for you was the Ace of Wands. This cards is really
telling me and re-affirming the advice I gave you at the very start
of this reading…

Now, although this card appears as what may stand in your way,
I can’t help but feel that this is still an opportunity for you to make
a new beginning and a new start.

Something is definitely building and soon you will have an opportunity
to make a romantic connection. Perhaps the reason why this card
appears as a challenge is that you will have to make some sacrifices
in order to follow a romantic interest. So, one golden opportunity
will come up but it will require you to make a significant choice
based on what is most important to you. It is a bit of a double-edged
sword and you may be forced to choose (this is another side of the
Lovers, also).

, now we have established these important facets; moving on…
my Numerology and psychic influences tell me:

…you really still try to avoid conflicts or any emotional situations
if you can help it.

You have a Character number 7, a Life path number 4 and a Destiny number 3.
In a nutshell, you think and analyse a lot about any issues that
come your way. You can, at times be a bit of a loner and tend to be quite
introspective whilst internalizing your feelings within yourself.

Your life path presupposes that life provides you with opportunities
to be a very reliable and practical person, who is good at organizing
resource or events and managing projects. You have a meticulous eye
for detail and will often go out of the way to ensure that whatever
you plan for yourself or friends goes off smoothly.

As your destiny number is a 3,,  you have gifts and talents
to bring sunshine and happiness to people around you.
You are definitely known as a reliable friend… a person to be trusted.
You take on a lot of responsibility to help and support people around you
with the purpose of keeping them happy. However, in trying to make
them happy, , you are sometimes quite repressive and do not
express how you truly feel about a situation or person.

, the next few months are going to be about choices!

You may feel overwhelmed with the various choices that come up but you
will be forced to make some trade-offs along the way.
You have many goals and dreams about what you would like in your life,
but you are going to have to choose which goals will take precedence.
You may have some confusion about which opportunities to pursue,
and which to let go, but if we go back to the Lovers, you need to select
the opportunities that are closest to your personal values
and priorities.

So, given it is, in fact, a new start in your heart
that you are seeking, you might like to think more deeply
about what your priorities are and where you would be willing to
compromise or make trade-offs. This may help you to prepare for
the choices that are coming your way and will help to make those
choices a bit easier.


                                    Sending to you my very best wishes and fullest support.

Your devoted friend.

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– Valentina, Tarot Visionary & Empath

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