Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

All images and graphics are for illustrative purposes only – serving to provide mood, atmosphere and context – and they do not form part of the factual content of this website; in order to protect arcane mysteries, or to preserve anonymity or to enhance marketing, images may in some cases not be complete or true likenesses and may not be an accurate facsimile.

All forms of Magic and divination, together with all aspects of occult and esoteric theory, are matters of conjecture and personal belief, and the tenets of Magical practice are complex with multiple variables, accordingly results or outcomes cannot be guaranteed or assured.

All donations and payments are unconditional and are intended to support Valentina, her current and future work and its further development; while donations and other payments may in some cases relate to certain specific activities or operations undertaken by Valentina, they are strictly contributions to the costs involved in carrying out these activities and operations, including Valentina’s time, and they are not dependent upon any results or outcomes.


Valentina trusts you will be delighted with the tarot-reading she has prepared for you. If you are not and require a refund of your payment; please email “enquiries@sterlingukonline.com” and in the Subject Line, place the word: “Refund”. Your refund will then be processed within 2 working days.

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