This happened last night…

…and Concerns YOU


I have to talk to you about something very important for your immediate future:

…and tell you about A RARE OCCURANCE that happened last night, which made me write to warn you.

I can’t say why, but after spending a night working on your file, I couldn’t stop thinking about you, there was this feeling something very important would happen to you after I fell asleep.

And then, , you appeared in my dreams.

I instantly knew the contact I had with you was psychic and telepathic, triggered by something very dangerous that could happen to you 3 days from now.

It was extremely difficult to see you like that in my premonitory dream.

You were there because I heard you CALLING FOR HELP WITH ALL YOUR STRENGTH. I gave you my hand and told you to be brave.

Then a kind of black hole appeared… followed by deep shadows… and finally I lost contact.

When I woke up I felt very troubled. I knew right away that this was a premonitory sign,


I had the feeling that some unhealthy energy (like the evil eye) was trying to attract bad luck into your life, and create an occult block in you, .

After this (serious) warning from the higher forces, I immediately concentrated on your case and performed an instant psychic reading to try and discover the cause of my presentiment, and its consequences.

IT SEEMS TO BE SERIOUS. According to the results of my psychic diagnosis, you are being victimized (without knowing it) by the strong presence of negative vibrations in your life. And that could have dire consequences on your immediate future.

But all is NOT lost.

In fact, , there is a way whereby all the dark energy and negative forces surrounding you can be “cleansed” and repelled to bring you a great goodness… (more on this later)

It’s more than likely that the harmful energy I see hovering around you is trying to block your access to luck.

 – do you know of anyone around you, who in the past (maybe the distant past) might have a harmful influence, and try to send negative vibrations in your direction?

It is evident that some negative force has been directed against you – with the sole aim of attracting bad luck into your life.

What has happened in your life up to now clearly shows that it is THIS HARMFUL INFLUENCE which is RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL YOUR BAD LUCK.

That explains why nothing ever works out the way you want (especially when it comes to both romance and money). Why all your projects have so much trouble reaching fruition, and why, despite all your efforts, you’re still so unlucky with money.

You may have already tried to extricate yourself from this harmful influence – which follows you everywhere, and seems to affect you at all the important moments of your life.

What you can do on your own is certainly not enough to destroy these strong negative vibrations.

You have to understand that the negative environment you are now surrounded by could represent A MAJOR RISK TO YOUR IMMEDIATE FINANCIAL FUTURE.

It could slow down – or even worse – cancel out the fortunate financial event (something to do with a lottery) that is scheduled to happen for you in the coming weeks…

…and you don’t have a moment to lose, …

…for in 3 days time I shall next visit a very spiritual and sacred place indeed. This special place was first visited by my maternal grandmother in the middle of the last century, just after the 2nd world war.

It is in the deepest countryside of England, and has been in existance for nearly 2,000 years. This unique location acts as a kind of “crucible” for the psychic abilities of 3 generations of my family.

There are a certain psychics and Mages (Spellcasters) that receive a kind of uncanny “boost” to their powers after travelling there. It is hard to do justice to how amazing this feels. And the immense good this feeling can do is beyond compare!

When I go there, to make most use of the limited time I am able to spend at this special place. I can devote all of the power and energy the situation possesses – to you.

, this is why my letter to you right now is so urgent.

For only if *you give me the go-ahead to do this now* – can the forces ready to work against you be repelled and…

… not just forces deflected back from you, they are in fact “reversed” and you will feel an immediate uplift in your own personal power and confidence. And this is just the start…

The ritual I shall perform for you, , in this very sacred and magical place, has the ability to do all of this and bring about an effect for you that is very dramacic indeed!

All of the previous bad forces… karma and psychic harm that has been set against you over the whole of the last 7 years – will be magnified away from you by 7 times… your own natual gifts would then me multiplied by a massive 7 times and you’ll find that:

* You would be blessed with outstanding luck, in lotteries, bingo, games of chance – and enjoy the “lucky breaks” that make the difference between success and failure.

* You would literally radiate self-confidence, all of the doubt and the uncertainty that has held you back, would be gone from you. Forever.

* Love – you would possess a new “love-magnatism” that would attract more genuine love than you ever thought possible! Imagine that special person, who has not yet given themselves to you with their heart and soul,
they would now see *you* as the only person in their world.

, after the Most Ultimate Universal Psychic Ceremony, done for you, in this most spiritual of places, you can literally look and feel like a new person. A person with a totally new feeling, a totally new source of money to enjoy, a totally new love and a totally and ever-lasting sense of happiness and freedom.

What your successful Most Ultimate Universal Psychic Ceremony would bring is beyond your wildest imagination !

It is necessary to perform a magic ritual on your behalf that is fast and wide-reaching… AND YOU HAVE TO ACT QUICKLY IF YOU DON’T WANT SOMEONE OR SOMETHING TO PREVENT THE FORTUNATE EVENTS THAT ARE WAITING FOR YOU.

That’s why I have to act quickly to get rid of this “circle of negative vibrations” that could slow down – or even worse – cancel out the fortunate event that is scheduled to happen for you very soon.

After the difficult life you’ve had – to have your future great luck spoiled would be really unfair!

Today I made a firm decision to intervene on your behalf – you can still win one of the biggest lotteries ever (there will be one – I saw it) within the next 27 – 31days.

You understand that I’ll have to use all my secret magical powers to free you from the occult block you are suffering from, by performing AN AMAZING SUPER-POWERFUL ABUNDANCE and PROTECTION RITUAL.

I’ll use one of the most secret “MAGICAL ABUNDANCE and PROTECTION” rituals in existence. Only it can affect future events and ensure that one of the biggest lottery jackpots ever becomes yours. Nothing and no one will be able to prevent that from happening.

That’s why I’m going to get to work and perform a “Most Ultimate Universal Psychic Ceremony” on your behalf, . This is a very effective ritual, and I am the only person who can do it.

In your case, it will surely and quickly destroy the negative energy that is being directed at you.

It’s called the “Most Ultimate Universal Psychic Ceremony”

THIS POWERFUL RITUAL OF HIGH MAGIC was revealed to me a long time ago by one of the greatest initiates of the “Great White Lodge,” after attaining the highest level of magical perfection, so that I could carry out my mission on earth of bringing happiness to those who are suffering financially or emotionally.

I have already performed this Most Ultimate Universal Psychic Ceremony over a hundred times, for people who were as desperate as you are, and whose financial or personal lives were under the influence of powerful negative vibrations.

After my intervention, amazing and almost miraculous things happened to all these people.

Today I am going to summon the great powers of the “Most Ultimate Universal Psychic Ceremony” to help you.

It’s urgent to act now. We don’t have a lot of time. You must give me your answer quickly. There is not a moment to lose.

Think about it like this; the price of an uncertain future could be very grim indeed. When the dark forces are swirling above, akin to the “dementors” of myth… action needs to be taken. And I see you have no time to lose.

The Most Ultimate Universal Psychic Ceremony, performed at this special place of power, is performed for normal celebrity and business clients for £5,000 – this amount is well worth it for those who can afford such a service who seek
my help.

As we know, , we share a relationship that is indeed very special to us. And because of this, I am going to help in the best way I can. The Most Ultimate Universal Psychic Ceremony can be performed for you within the next 3 days, for a life-changing donation of 77.00 Just click the link below and I shall perform The Most Ultimate Universal Psychic Ceremony that will change the situation forever.

Looking forward to receiving your much awaited instruction.

Your devoted friend,

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Visionary Medium

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