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Dearest ,

I am Valentina and delighted to serve and to help you.

   As a Visionary Tarot Reader and Psychic Empath – I am
able to assist you, right now, regarding the crucial happiness
of your true heart.

   There is so much you need help with right now ,
and never before has it been so crucial to you to make the right choices,
about the right people, at the right time.

   In our Tarot reading together, I will help you understand how to
best bring about your desired outcome and bring about a lasting peace
and happiness in relationships and that of love. I will reveal the
current energies  surrounding you and show you the likely outcomes
if you were to follow certain paths.

In other words, which door to open and which door to keep firmly closed

   Sincerely, , knowing which path to follow and which to avoid,
and the heartbreak or joy the right or wrong decision would bring
is worth everything in the world to you!

Life is just too short to take the pain of getting it all wrong (again?)

   You will feel both empowered and happy to make independent decisions
about what would best lead to your desired outcome, in other words
“what you really want in your true heart”.

   Exciting too in your draw is the Six of Wands and the Ace of Pentacles.
You should finally be coming into some luck financially – which will have
the added benefit of helping your emotional and romantic life in a way
that will surprise you!

, such up-and-coming good fortune in both love and money are why it of great import  to draw more cards now,  so you don´t miss-out on the rare opportunity that is soon upon you!

So what happens when you ask for your reading?

   I’ll ask you to share with me by asking you to tell me what it is you
really want. Working with your own words, I shall concentrate and visualise
on your situation – channeling your energy as I shuffle. I will then draw
the cards for you and prepare your 
Tarot reading.

   Your Tarot reading is prepared with care and use of all the visionary
senses. It will be ready and available for you approximately 24 hours
after receiving your request.

   Clear photos of the Tarot cards used in your reading and the cards will
be shown along with their individual meaning in respect of your situation
(It is truly amazing to see even non-Tarot readers intuitively pick up
the messages of the cards just through the imagery).

   Your reading will conclude with a visionary summary that really pulls
together the meaning of the cards as a whole and will set you on the
right path to your truest hearts desire…

   …such as, whether that *someone* really loves  you… who may be cheating… where the truth lies… where your very best chance of romantic bliss and satisfaction are…

  I sense that no-other psychic would know this about you… because there is a Secret … , someone close is hiding something from you – and you need to know the truth! 

   As your Tarot reading will be presented in written format, you will be able
to return to your reading at any time, opening yourself up to new messages
and insights that may come to you as you progress on your personal journey towards a lasting love happiness.

“You gave me the most precious gift of all VALENTINA… my husband!
You managed to discover the cause of the distance between us, and now our
life together has started all over again. I’m eternally grateful to you”
– Debbie W.

“Thanks to you, Valentina, I found true Love! And just imagine, I’d been
seeing the man of my life almost every day, without even knowing it!
You finally opened my eyes! Thank you so much!”
– Louisa M.

    , you can request your full Venus Tarot and Relationship Reading
… and enjoy the new happiness in *your life* – because,  , you are worth it!

Looking forward to being of immense help and service to you…

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