My Dearest…

If you have been directed to this page it is assuredly for
very good reason!

It means you are on the cusp of a great new love, prosperity
and happiness in your life – or an even longer period of emptyness,
unfulfilment and self-doubt.

I know your heart desires much more than the vacuum in which
it exists right now.

Yes, you are *surviving* arn’t you?  But that is about all.

You eat, you sleep, you smile (when you can), you care, you function,
you hope…

You know there’s more to life than that don’t you?

Because your heart yearns for a true love and true purpose that will
fill this void of emptyness you feel.

You want to be happy and satisfied in your heart and soul,
for a life 
to be worth living!

And – it *can* be so!

You just need the right kind of help.

The help you need is here, all you have to do is take it.

The Great Telepathic Ceremony of Love and Happiness I will perform has
helped 100’s of people just like you… those who really wish their
true heart to be happy and complete.

Now here’s how the important work I’ll do for you is going to proceed:

Firstly, I will perform the “Great Telepathic Ceremony of Love
and Happiness” on your behalf.

This ceremony is made-up of several parts. Firstly, it will purify your
astral environment and detect the origin of the negative vibrations
that have been surrounding you.

Next, I will perform the Telepathic Ceremony of the Shield of Isis
for you, which will last for a period of 60 days.

The Shield of Isis will ensure that you enjoy powerful protection
(like an invisible shield) against any harm, and at the same time act
a ‘cosmic antenna’ to attract great luck to you.

The Telepathic Transmission Sessions I will perform will send direct
to you my powerful mental and astral energy.

Each Telepathic Transmission session I do will last for about 15 minutes.

There’s nothing special you have to do, except follow the easy
instructions that come with your confirmation e-mail.

If you sometimes feel an invisible but beneficial presence around you,
don’t worry. It’s a good sign!

You should feel the positive effects, starting the very first week.

You’ll be bursting with new found energy.

This energy will bring you luck in prosperity, and luck in intimate love,
so that everything you undertake automatically succeeds.
Luck will be with you, and you can expect great and fortunate events
to occur for you.

For my intervention to be effective, and the great and happy changes
you expect to be possible, you must have at least 8 weeks of Telepathic
Transmission, so that the results can be consolidated.

I work: Saturday and Sunday on everything that has to do with your emotions
and relations with others.

Monday will be dedicated to placing you under strong astral protection
against the negative vibrations that attract bad luck.

On Tuesday and Wednesday I will perform a ritual of occult protection against
anyone who may have evil intentions towards you and your future happiness.

Thursday and Friday will be used to draw the person who is to be your true
hearts desire closer to you. This will make your happiness complete. 
I hope and pray I have done all I can to make you understand the urgency
of your situation.

I will have to work hard to help you extricate yourself and gain the
satisfaction you deserve. Just give me permission to start by requesting
below for the one-time donation of £67 (British pounds) as something towards
the time I shall 
expend for you.

Don’t make the mistake of putting off my help for later.

I am personally committed to you and thus below is the button to request
your Great Telepathic Ceremony of Love and Happiness
I send to you my very best wishes and fullest support.
Your devoted friend.
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– Valentina
Tarot Visionary & Empath

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